гуфтан: to say, to tell

Намедонам ва намефаҳмам, ки ту чӣ мегӯӣ.
I don’t know and I don’t understand what you are saying.
Ба муаллим гӯед, ки ман омада наметавонам.
Tell the teacher that I can’t come.
Ман чизе гуфтанӣ будам.
I wanted to say something. I was going to say something.

гуфтугӯ(й): conversation, discussion
шеър гуфтан: to recite a poem
рост гуфтан: to speak truth (as in “Рост мегӯед.” You speak truth. You’re right.)
зери лаб гуфтан: to whisper, to say quietly

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