гӯсфанд: sheep

Мурод ба ҷустуҷӯи гӯсфандон даромад.
Murod went out to look for his sheep.
Моҳи декабр 1 кило гӯшти гов 30 ва 1 кило гӯшти гӯсфанд 32 сомонӣ арзиш дошт.
In December 1 kilo of beef cost 30 Somoni and 1 kilo of mutton cost 32 Somoni.

In speech, to make something plural the suffix -ҳо is usually added , but in written Tajik for animate objects (living things) the suffix -он is usually used.
In English we have words for different kinds of meat, like beef and mutton; but in Tajik they just say cow meat and sheep meat.

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