гӯшт: meat

Дар бисёр ҷойҳо хукҳои ваҳширо барои пӯст ва гӯшт шикор мекунанд.
In many places wild pigs are hunted for their skin and meat.
Гӯштро майда реза карда дар равғани доғ то камтар сурх шудани рӯи гӯшт зирбонед.
Cut the meat into small pieces and fry it in hot oil until the outside of the meat is slightly browned.

гӯшти гусфанд: mutton (sheep meat)
гӯшти гов: beef (cow meat)

Add the letter ӣ to this noun to turn it into an adjective:
самбӯсаҳои гӯштӣ: meat pastries
шӯрбои гӯштӣ: meat soup

бегӯшт: meatless, without meat
сергӯшт: with lots of meat, meaty

The word гӯшт can also refer to the fleshy part of a fruit or vegetable.

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