дарсад: percent

Дар Тоҷикистон 24 дарсад тамоку ва 8 дарсад нос истифода мебаранд.
In Tajikistan 24 percent use cigarettes and 8 percent use dipping tobacco.
Тибқи омор 66 дарсади сокинони сайёра аз смартфон истифода мебаранд.
According to statistics 66 percent of the residents of the planet use a smart phone.

synonym: фоиз (link to examples using фоиз)
Фоиз is the more common word for percent, but more recent publications often choose to use дарсад.
Дарсад is the word used in Iranian Farsi. Dari in Afghanistan uses the word фисад. And Tajikistan Tajik most commonly uses фоиз. Many Tajiks, however, will use the Russian word процент in their speech. For heavier reading on the historical usage of these words here is an article from the Tajik Committee of Language: дарсад-фисад-фоиз.

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