дона: piece, unit

Чор дона помидору се дона бодирингро шуста реза кунед.
Wash and cut four tomatoes and three cucumbers.
Дар пушти он одам дар тоқи меҳмонхона як дона дутор ҳам буд.
Behind that man on the shelf of the living room there was also one dutor.

A дутор is a Tajik two-stringed instrument.

Special Counting Words (нумератив)
Tajik has some special words used with numbers. These are called classifiers or numeratives. They are often left out when translating into English. Examples-
дона: piece, unit
сар: head (for counting animals)
ҷуфт: pair
бандча: bundle, bunch
нафар: person (for counting people)

панҷоҳ сар гӯсфанд: fifty head of sheep, fifty sheep
се-чор нафар моҳигир: three to four fishermen
нуҳ дона тухм: nine eggs

Alternatively, the classifier то (or та) can be added as a suffix to the number.
Ду дона китоб дорам. I have two books.
Дуто китоб дорам. I have two books.

With units of time and measurement no classifier is used.
як ҳафта: one week
сад сол: one hundred years
чордаҳ килограмм: fourteen kilograms

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