дурӯғ: lie

Ин гап рост аст ё дурӯғ?
Is this the truth or a lie?
Иблис падари дурӯғ аст.
Satan is the father of lies.

In the first sentence гап means “talk” or “word”. The sentence could be translated as “Is what you are saying the truth or a lie?” or “Is this gossip (talk) that I am hearing true or a lie?” depending on the context.

дурӯғ гуфтан: to lie
дурӯғгӯ(й), дурӯғбоф: liar
дурӯғгӯӣ: lying

Saying: Умри дурӯғ кутоҳ аст. (The lifetime of a lie is short.)

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