замони ҳозира

замони ҳозира: present age, present time

Дар замони ҳозира миқдори филҳо хеле кам шудааст.
In the present age the quantity of elephants has been greatly reduced.
Дар замони ҳозира дар навишти забони тоҷикӣ алифбои кириллӣ истифода мешавад.
In the present age in Tajik writing the Cyrillic alphabet is used.

Usually we can just use the word “today” or “currently” when translating “дар замони ҳозира”. Both of the sentences above would probably sound better in English to translate it as “today”.

Замони ҳозира is also used to describe present tense in grammar.
замони ҳозира: present tense
замони ҳозираи давомдор: present continuous tense
замони ҳозираи фелъ: present tense of a verb

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