зарур: necessary

Пеш аз хӯрокпазӣ ё тайёр кардани хӯрок дастонро бо собун шустан зарур аст.
Before cooking food or preparing food it is necessary to wash your hands with soap.
Барои бо қадам чен кардани масофа донистани дарозии қадами худ зарур аст.
To measure distance with steps it is necessary to know the length of your stride.

Synonyms: лозим, даркор

When making a noun plural, generally the suffix ҳо is used for inanimate objects, and the suffix он is used for animate objects. There are a few exceptions. For example, some body parts that occur in pairs can take the suffix он.
дастон: hands
чашмон: eyes
китфон: shoulders

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