китобхона: library

Ман бо Ситора ба китобхона рафтам.
I went with Sitora to the library.
Бунёди бинои нави Китобхонаи миллии Тоҷикистон соли 2007 оғоз ёфт.
The construction of the new National Library of Tajikistan began in 2007.

Китобхона is a compound word that is made up of two other nouns – китоб (book) and хона (house).
Here are a few other examples of compound words using хона – корхона: office (кор = work); касалхона: hospital (касал = sick); дарсхона: classroom (дарс = lesson).
If you can think of other compound words that use хона feel free to comment on this page.

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