китобхонӣ: reading (books)

Китобхониро дуст медорад.
He loves reading.
Агар чашматон аз китобхонӣ монда шавад, панҷ то даҳ дақиқа дам гиред.
If your eyes get tired from reading, rest for five to ten minutes.

Derived from –
китоб хондан: to read (books)

The verb хондан can mean to read or to study. Adding the word китоб (book) makes it clear that the sentence is talking about reading and not studying. To translate into English it is not always necessary to use the word “book”.

In the first sentence китобхонӣ is the object of the verb, so it needs to take the object marker ро. Notice that when the object marker ро is added, the last letter ӣ is changed to и. The letter ӣ can not be in the middle of a word.

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