мақсад: intention, aim, purpose

Ман мақсад дорам, ки оянда боғбон шавам.
I have an intention to be a gardener in the future.
Мақсади экспедитсия ҷустуҷӯи роҳи баҳрӣ ба сӯи Ҳиндустон буд.
The purpose of the expedition was looking for a sea route to India.

Synonym: ният, қасд

This word is Arabic in origin, as are many words with the pattern m-a-C-C-V-C (C=consonant, V=vowel). Notice that the three root consonants (қ, с, д) are in the word қасд, which also means “will”, “intention”.

мақсад доштан: to have a purpose
мақсади асосӣ: main purpose
мақсади аслиро фаромӯш кардан: to forget the original purpose

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