Миррих: Mars

Миррих чорумин сайёраи системаи офтобӣ буда пас аз сайёраҳои Аторуд, Зӯҳра ва Замин қарор дорад.
Mars is the fourth planet of the solar system, located after the planets Mercury, Venus and Earth.
Сафари InSight то Миррих ним сол давом кард.
The journey of InSight to Mars lasted half a year.

You can read a short Tajik article about the landing of InSight on Mars at ozodi website:
Миррихнавард аз сайёраи сурх “selfie” фиристод. (The Mars lander sent a selfie from the red planet.)

The video on that page is in Russian, but there are two short Tajik videos on these webpages.
Пурсиш: Дар бораи Миррих – a reporter asks people on the street what they know about Mars.
Билет ба Миррих 100 ҳазор доллар – about Elon Musk’s plan to send people to Mars.

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