мори обӣ

мори обӣ: water snake

Мори обӣ мори безаҳр аст.
A water snake is a non-poisonous snake.
Мори обӣ дар соҳилҳои дарёҳо, чашмаҳо ва кӯлҳо зиндагӣ мекунад.
Water snakes live on the shores (edges) of rivers, springs and lakes.

Adding the suffix ӣ to a noun changes it to an adjective.
об: water (noun)
обӣ: water (adj.)

Notice that the second sentence is singular in Tajik (a water snake lives…), but in English it sounds more normal in the plural (water snakes live).

Opposite of безаҳр (non-poisonous) is заҳрнок (poisonous).

You can read more about water snakes on the kitobam website: Мори Обӣ

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