мошубиринҷ: mung beans and rice

Ба ман як табақ мошубиринҷ ва якта нон диҳед.
Give me one plate of mung beans and rice and one naan.
Рӯзе подшоҳ ба оина нигоҳ карда дид, ки мӯи сараш мошубиринҷ шудааст.
One day the king looked in the mirror and saw that the hair on his head had become salt and pepper coloured.

As you can see in the second sentence, in Tajik мошубиринҷ is used to describe hair that is a mixture of black and white or black and gray. In English we might say salt and pepper to describe that colour of hair, which it how it is translated in that sentence.

мош: mung bean
биринҷ: rice

Мошубиринҷ is a dish like a pillau where mung beans and rice are mixed and cooked together.

In Tajik it is common to combine two similar words with (and). Sometimes the two words are joined together to make one word, but sometimes they are not joined. Мошубиринҷ can also be written as two words – мошу биринҷ.

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