мусофир: traveller

Бист нафар мусофирон билети парвоз хариданд.
Twenty passengers bought plane tickets.
Мо мусофирем, ҷое надорӣ, ки як-ду рӯз дам гирем?
We are travellers; do you not have a place that we can rest one or two days?

Synonym: сафаркунанда

мусофирбар: passenger (adj.)
киштии мусофирбари «Титаник»: passenger ship Titanic
мусофирхона: inn, hotel
мусофир кашондан: to carry passengers

Tajik has some special counting words, and нафар is a counting word for people. You can read more about its use here: Word of the Day: нафар.

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