мушкил: difficult

Зиндагӣ бе дӯст мушкил аст.
Life without a friend is difficult.
Кори нонпазӣ барои бачаи 11-12-сола хеле мушкил буд.
The work of baking bread was very difficult for an 11-12 year old boy.

Synonym: душвор, вазнин

Add the suffix ӣ to change the adjective to a noun.
мушкилӣ: difficulty

мушкилфаҳм: difficult to understand

A мушкилкушо (мушкил + кушо, verb stem of кушодан, to open) is a ceremony that a Tajik woman might have if she is facing some difficulties. She will invite some other ladies over and they will go through a series of rituals together.

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