нафар: person

Панҷ нафар ба мактаб рафтанд, се нафар дар хона монданд.
Five people went to school, three people stayed at home.
Ду нафар коргар ин корро анҷом дода наметавонанд.
Two workers can not complete this work.

Tajik has some counting words that are just used to show that you are counting and don’t always translate very well into English. Some examples are дона, сар, нафар.
Нафар is a counting word for people. In the first sentence it can be translated as people.
But when it is used in combination with a type of person, as in the second sentence, it isn’t translated. It is just there to show that you are counting people. Here are some more examples –
ҳафт нафар донишҷӯ: seven students
ду-се нафар моҳигир: two to three fishermen
Note, that when combining a noun with a number the plural ending ҳо is not added to the noun.

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