нафақахӯр: pensioner

Бобои ман нафақахӯр аст.
My grandfather is a pensioner.
Падарам соҳиби ҳафт фарзанд аст ва бист сол боз нафақахӯр мебошад.
My father has seven children and has been a pensioner for twenty years.

Synonym: нафақагир

нафақа: pension
ба нафақа баромадан: to retire
нафақа гирифтан: to receive a pension

The word соҳиб means owner, but is often used when telling how many children somebody has. Падарам соҳиби ҳафт фарзанд… “ – My father owns seven children, or My father has seven children. You can also use the verb доштан, to have. Падарам ҳафт фарзанд дорад. – My father has seven children.

The word боз means again, but it can also be used to show the duration of time:
бист сол боз – (the last) twenty years.

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