нигоҳ доштан

нигоҳ доштан: to keep, to look after

Шир ва маҳсулоти шириро дар яхдон нигоҳ медоранд.
Milk and dairy products are kept in the fridge.
Дар нигоҳ доштани саломатӣ дуруст хӯрок хӯрдан муҳим аст.
Eating right is important for looking after your health.

гов (мурғ) нигоҳ доштан: to keep/raise cows (chickens)
нигоҳдор: keeper, protector, guard

In Tajik it is less common to use the passive voice and more common to use the third person plural, as in the first sentence. You could also translate it “They keep milk and dairy products in the fridge”.

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