панҷум: fifth

Имрӯз панҷуми август.
Today is the fifth of August.
Замин аз ҷиҳати бузургии масоҳат дар байни сайёраҳои Системаи Офтоб ҷойи панҷумро ишғол мекунад.
Earth takes fifth place among the planets of the Solar System with respect to greatness of area.

Notice that there is no verb in the first sentence. The verb “to be” is often left off, especially when speaking.

An ordinal number is formed by adding the suffix -ум or -юм to the cardinal number. The suffix -юм is only used for the numbers ду, се and сӣ.

якум: first
дуюм: second
сеюм: third
чорум: fourth
чилу панҷум: forty-fifth
дусаду ҳафтоду панҷум: two hundred and seventy-fifth

Ordinal numbers are often abbreviated when writing dates, as in “5-уми июл” (the fifth of July).

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