парвариш ёфтан

парвариш ёфтан: to be cultivated,
to be grown

Писта дар қисмати ҷанубу ғарби ҷумҳурӣ парвариш меёбад.
Pistachios are cultivated in the southeastern part of the country.
Дар боғоти Тоҷикистон меваҳои гуногун – себ, зардолу, ангур, шафтолу, чормағз, анор, нок, гелос, анҷир, хурмо, олу ва ғайра парвариш меёбанд.
In the gardens of Tajikistan various fruits are grown – apples, apricots, grapes, peaches, walnuts, pomegranates,
pears, cherries, figs, persimmon, plums and so on.

парвариш додан: to cultivate, to grow

Notice in both sentences places where in Tajik the singular is used but in English the plural is used.

This noun can also mean “to be raised” or “to be educated”  when talking about people. For example:
Ман дар оилаи хуб парвариш ёфтам. (I was raised in a good family.)

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