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24-уми ноябр дар Тоҷикистон Рӯзи Парчами миллӣ номгузорӣ шудааст.
The 24th of November in Tajikistan has been named national Flag Day.
Парчами миллии Тоҷикистон аз рангҳои сурху сафеду сабз ва як тоҷу ҳафт ситора иборат аст.
The national flag of Tajikistan is composed of the colours red, white and green and one crown and seven stars.

Synonym: байрақ

In May 2011 Tajikistan erected the highest free-standing flagpole in the world. It is now in second place since a taller one was built in Saudi Arabia in 2014. You can read about Tajikistan’s flag pole here: Парчами Тоҷикистон дар Китоби рекордҳои Гиннес (The Flag of Tajikistan in the Guinness Book of Records).

Wikipedia has a good (long) article about the history of Tajikistan’s flag: Парчами Тоҷикистон.

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