пахтачинӣ: cotton-picking

Бо шукуфтани пахта мо ба пахтачинӣ баромадем.
With the blooming of the cotton, we went out cotton-picking.
Дар Тоҷикистон мавсими пахтачинӣ оғоз ёфт.
In Tajikistan the season of cotton-picking began.

Somebody who picks cotton, a cotton-picker, is пахтачин.
This compound word is formed from the noun пахта (cotton) and the verb stem of чиндан (to pick).
Adding the suffix ӣ forms the new word, пахтачинӣ (cotton-picking).
Another word ending with чинӣ –
гулчинӣ: flower-picking

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