пистазор: pistachio orchard

Пас аз чор соат мо ба пистазор расидем.
We arrived at the pistachio orchard after four hours.
Дар кӯҳҳои мо пистазор бисёр аст.
In our mountains there are many pistachio orchards.

Писта means both pistachio and pistachio tree.
The suffix -зор means “place of”. Some other words with the suffix -зор –
алафзор: field, pasture (алаф: grass)
ангурзор, токзор: vineyard (ангур: grape, ток: vine)
хорзор: a place with lots of thorn bushes (хор: thorn)
гулзор: flower garden, a place where lots of flowers grow (гул: flower)

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