расондан: to deliver

Ҳавопаймо моро ба фурудгоҳи Самарқанд расонид.
The plane delivered us to Samarkand airport.
Ӯ маро фиристод, то ки бо ту гап зада, ин хабари хушро ба ту бирасонам.
He sent me to talk to you and deliver this good news to you.

расидан: to arrive

Ман расидам. I arrived.
Ҳавопаймо расид. The plane arrived.

In Tajik a causative verb is formed by  inserting он into another verb. So, расондан (alternatively, расонидан) means “to cause to arrive” or “to make (something or someone) arrive”. We could also translate расондан as “to bring” in both of the above sentences.

Some other causative verbs:
афтидан: to fall
афтондан: to drop, to cause (something) to fall
фаҳмидан: to understand
фаҳмондан: to explain (to make someone understand)
хӯрдан: to eat
хӯрондан: to feed (someone else)

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