табдил ёфтан

табдил ёфтан: to be changed, to turn into

Бороне, ки субҳи шанбе ба боридан шурӯъ кард, шаб ба барф табдил ёфт.
The rain which began on Saturday morning, changed to snow at night.
Шумо ғамгин мешавед, лекин ғами шумо ба шодӣ табдил меёбад.
You will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn into joy.

Табдил, like many other words with the pattern та??и?, where each ? represents a consonant, is an Arabic loan word. Using those 3 consonants you can usually find other related words. In this case: бадал – substitute, мубаддал – changed.
Here is another example: табрик – муборак – баракат.

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