тамом кардан

тамом кардан: to finish

Муаллим, дарсҳояшро тамом карда, ба хона рафт.
The teacher, finishing her lessons, went home.
Вай корашро тамом накарда, ба кӯча баромад.
He went out on the street without finishing his work.


Synonyms: ба охир расонидан, буд кардан (work), хатм кардан (school)

тамом: all, whole

A simpler way to say the first sentence would be, “Муаллим дарсҳояшро тамом кард ва ба хона рафт.”
But Tajiks often string their verbs together as in these two examples without using the word “ва” (and).

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