тамошо кардан

тамошо кардан: to watch

Далер бозиро тамошо кард.
Daler watched the game.
Вай ҳар рӯз то ними шаб телевизор тамошо мекунад.
Every day he watches television until the middle of the night.

This verb can also mean to view, to see, or to go sightseeing. In English you would use a prepositional phrase to say where you were sightseeing, but in Tajik the place is the direct object. For example:
Онҳо Бухороро тамошо карданд. They went sightseeing in Bukhara.
If you translate into English without using a preposition:
They viewed Bukhara. They saw Bukhara.

тамошохона: theatre

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