таркиб: composition

Ҳар як ҷангал аз ҳамдигар аз рӯйи таркиби набототаш фарқ мекунад.
Every forest differs from one another on account of the composition of its plant life.
Лӯбиё дар таркибаш оҳани зиёд дорад.
Beans have a lot of iron in their composition.
(Beans contain a lot of iron.)

Notice that the second sentence in Tajik is in the singular, whereas in English it sounds better in the plural.

Words with the pattern TAccvc (c=consonant; v=vowel) are usually Arabic in origin. Often a related word can be found beginning with MY and having the same consonants.
мураккаб: (adj.) complex; composed of many things; complicated

таркиби луғавӣ: lexical composition; vocabulary

From Standard Tajik-English dictionary (R. Olsen)
Дар таркиби луғавии забони тоҷикӣ калимаҳои арабӣ хеле зиёданд.
There are a lot of Arabic words in the Tajik vocabulary.

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