тез: sharp

Муш бо дандончаҳои тезаш бандро зуд бурид.
The mouse quickly cut the cord with its sharp little teeth.
Қайчӣ асбоби тези дӯзандагӣ буда, аз замонҳои қадим маълум аст.
Scissors are a sharp sewing tool that have been around since ancient times.

Antonym: кунд (blunt)

Alternate meanings –
тез: quickly (adv.), fast (adj.)
тез: spicy

Корди тез тез мебурад. A sharp knife cuts quickly.

зеҳни тез: sharp mind
кунҷи тез: sharp corner
тезчангол: sharp-clawed

There are a lot of compound words that use тез, using all three definitions of тез. Reading through lists of words like that is a great way to increase your vocabulary. You can see a list of compound words with тез in this Tajik dictionary, page 341.

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