тез: quickly

Пашшаи хонагӣ хеле тез парвоз карда метавонад.
A house fly can fly very quickly.
Баъд аз пухтан тухмро ба оби хунук меандозанд, то ин ки пусташ тез ҷудо шавад.
After cooking, eggs are put in cold water so that the shell can be quickly separated.
Солҳо тез мегузаранд.
The years pass quickly.

Synonyms: зуд, бошитоб

In these sample sentences, тез is used as an adverb, but it can also be an adjective.
ҳавопаймои тез: fast aeroplane

The word тез can also mean “sharp”, and “spicy”.

тез калон шудан: to grow up quickly
тез хашмгин шудан: to quickly become angry

Тез is also used in a lot of compound words, like тезпарвоз (fast-flying).

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