фаришта: angel

Меҳмоннавозиро фаромӯш накунед, зеро ба воситаи он баъзе касон надониста фариштаҳоро меҳмон кардаанд.
Do not forget to be hospitable, because in this way some people have entertained angels without knowing it.
Онҳо бар ӯ нигариста, диданд, ки чеҳраи ӯ монанди чеҳраи фаришта буд.
They looked at her and saw that her face was like the face of an angel.

Animate (people and animal) nouns ending in a consonant usually take the suffix –он. If the animate noun ends with “а” then the suffix is –гон. So the plural of фаришта is фариштагон. Inanimate (non-living) nouns usually form the plural by taking the suffix –ҳо. However, colloquially and informally –ҳо is often used instead of –он for animate nouns. So фариштаҳо is also an acceptable plural form.

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