фарорасӣ: approach, coming

Аз самими қалб шуморо бо фарорасии Соли Нави 2019 табрик менамоем. 
From the bottom of our hearts we congratulate you on the coming of the New Year 2019.
Бо фарорасии баҳор  ҳама гумон доштанд, ки дигар то соли оянда барфро намебинанд.
With the approach of spring everybody thought that they wouldn’t see snow again until the next year.

Synonym: наздикшавӣ

фаро расидан: to approach, to draw near

фарорасии рӯзҳои гарм: the approach of warmer days (weather)
фарорасии шаб: the approach of night; nightfall

In both of these sentences, the word фарорасӣ is connected to the following word with the suffix “и” which shows a relationship between the two words, and can be translated “of” – фарорасии соли (the approach of the year), фарорасии баҳор (the approach of spring). The letter ӣ cannot occur in the middle of a word, so it is changed to и.

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