фаҳмондан: to explain

Ман инро ба ту мефаҳмонам.
I will explain this to you.
Ба хона баргашта ба бародару апаам ҳодисаро фаҳмондам.
I went back home and explained the event to my brother and sister.

Here is a joke using today’s word – a grandfather explains to his grandson why he and his wife never argue.

Some Tajik verbs can be made into causative verbs by inserting он in the verb; sometimes a letter is also omitted. Examples –
фаҳмидан: to understand
фаҳмондан: to explain (to make someone understand)
хӯрдан: to eat
хӯрондан: to feed (someone else)
кӯчидан: to move
кӯчондан: to make someone move, to evict
пӯшидан: to put on (an item of clothing)
пӯшондан: to dress (someone else)
тарсидан: to be scared
тарсондан: to scare (someone else)

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