фоиданок: beneficial

Себи хушк низ монанди себи тару тоза фоиданок аст.
A dried apple also, like a fresh apple, is beneficial.
Ҳама чиз барои ман равост, лекин на ҳар чиз фоиданок аст.
Everything for me is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.

Adding the suffix нок to a noun forms an adjective. You can think of нок as meaning “full of” or “with”. Фоида means benefit, so фоида + нок = with benefit, or beneficial. Sometimes you can add the suffix нок or the prefix пур to get two words with the same meaning, for example пурсабр = сабрнок = patient. More examples:
пурдард = дарднок = painful
пурихтисос = ихтисоснок = skilled
пурдаҳшат = даҳшатнок = terrifying
Apparently partridges are beneficial. You can read about that here: Кавк хеле фоиданок аст

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