фоидаовар: beneficial

Гуфта мешавад, меваи анҷир барои дарди буғумҳои бадан фоидаовар аст.
It can be said that the fig fruit is beneficial for joint pain in the body.
Оби чашма хусусияти шифобахшӣ дорад ва барои ҳазми хӯрок фоидаовар аст.
Spring water has a healing quality and is beneficial for the digestion of food.

фоида: benefit
овар: stem from овардан, to bring
So фоидаовар is “benefit bringing”.

Other adjectives can be formed by combining a noun with овар (stem from the verb овардан). Here are a few examples –
хандаовар: funny, bringing laughter
гиряовар: sad, bringing tears (crying)
аламовар: grievous, bringing grief
нанговар: shameful, bringing shame
шавқовар: interesting, bringing interest
харобиовар: destructive, bringing destruction

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