халос: only, that’s all

Инсон бе истеъмоли хӯрок аз як моҳ зиёд зиндагӣ карда метавонад, вале бе об ҳамагӣ якчанд шабонарӯз умр ба cap бурда метавонаду халос.
Man can live with out food for more than a month, but he can live just a few days without water and that’s all.
Дар рӯзҳои корӣ онҳо одатан шаш соат ва дар рӯзҳои истироҳатӣ ҳафт соат мехобанду халос.
On work days they usually sleep for six hours and on days off for seven hours and that’s all.

Synonyms: тамом, бас

It sounds better in English to use the word “only” in the middle of the sentence instead of using “that’s all” at the end, eg “Man can live without food for more than a month, but only a few days without water.”

халос кардан: to release, to free
халос шудан: to be released, to be set free

Using халос with a verb at the end of a sentence indicates the completion of an action or a limit of the action. Notice also that the verb has the suffix у (and).

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