харобиовар: destructive

Муқаррар кардаанд, ки ба ҳисоби миёна дар як сол як бор зилзилаи ҳалокатовар, сад бор харобиовар ва зиёда аз як миллион зилзилаи ҳисшаванда рух медиҳанд.
They have determined that on average in one year one fatal earthquake, one hundred destructive earthquakes and more than one million perceptible earthquakes occur.
Заминларзаҳои сахту харобиовар дар Қаротог (1907), Сарез (1911), Ҳоит (1949), Исфара (1977), Қайроққум (1986), Шарора (1989) рух додаанд.
Strong and destructive earthquakes occured in Qaratog (1907), Sarez (1911), Hoit (1949), Isfara (1977) Kayrakkum (1986) and Sharora (1989).

хароб: broken (it also means thin)
харобӣ: brokenness, destruction
овар from овардан: to bring

Note: There are several ways to spell some of those place names in English. I have used the spellings that show the highest on the Google search engine.

Заминларза and зилзила are synonyms.

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