чашм: eye

Мо ӯро бо чашмони худ дидаем.
We have seen him with our own eyes.
Шахси чашмонаш кабуд зудранҷ, вале зираку мушфиқ мешавад.
A person with blue eyes is easily offended, but wise and compassionate.

If you want to know what your eye colour says about your personality read this article from Tajikistan times.
When making a noun plural, generally the suffix ҳо is used for inanimate objects, and the suffix он is used for animals and people. There are a few exceptions. Some body parts can take the suffix он, for example чашмон (eyes) and китфон (shoulders). A few other inanimate objects can take the suffix он, for example ситорагон (stars) and дарахтон (trees).
Note that colloquially, ҳо is used for animals and people, as well as for inanimate objects.

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