чиндан: to pick, to gather

Имрӯз лола мечинем.
Today we will pick tulips.
Ҳар дарахт аз мевааш шинохта мешавад; зеро аз хорҳо анҷир намегиранд, ва аз хорбутта ангур намечинанд.
Every tree will be recognized by its fruit; for figs are not gathered from thorns, and grapes are not picked from thorn bushes.

Alternate spelling: чидан

пахта чиндан: to pick cotton
гул чиндан: to pick flowers
пахтачин: cotton picker
гулчин: flower picker
пахтачинӣ: cotton picking
гулчинӣ: flower picking

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