чорум: fourth

Писарам дар синфи чорум мехонад.
My son studies in the fourth grade.
Баҳори соли 1502 бо мақсади ба соҳили шарқии Осиё расидан Колумб ба сафари чорум баромад.
In the spring of 1502 Columbus set out on his fourth journey with the intention of reaching the east coast of Asia.

An ordinal number is formed by adding the suffix -ум or -юм to the cardinal number. The suffix -юм is only used for the numbers ду, се and сӣ.

first: якум
second: дуюм
third: сеюм
fourth: чорум
tenth: даҳум
twenty-fifth: бисту панҷум
thirtieth: сиюм
hundredth: садум

Notice that in the word сиюм (thirtieth) the letter ӣ is replaced with и.
The word чорум can also be seen as чаҳорум.

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