қатӣ: with

Ман падарам қатӣ омадам.
I came with my father.
Онҳо бачаҳояшон қатӣ ба қишлоқ рафтанд.
They went with their children to the village.

Synonyms: бо, ҳамроҳи
Note that қатӣ usually comes after the noun, whereas бо would come before the noun. The first sentence could also be “Ман қатӣ падарам омадам.”
Both қатӣ and катӣ are correct spellings of this word.
Interesting ways this word is used:
саҳар қатӣ – in the morning
Example: Ман саҳар қатӣ ба кор рафтам. (I went to work in the morning.)
Also қатӣ кардан – to mix

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