ҳайкал: statue

Писарак гулро оҳиста ба назди ҳайкал гузошт.
The little boy gently placed the flower next to the statue.
Дар Душанбе ҳайкали Бобои Талабшоҳ ва хирси ӯ бо номи Марияро сохтаанд. 
In Dushanbe they have built a statue of grandfather Talabshoh and his bear named Maria.

Synonyms: пайкар, муҷассама
Бобо is often used as an affectionate name for an old man who is not necessarily one’s grandfather. Bobo Talabshoh would walk his bear around Dushanbe, and even took the bear on the bus. He died 5 years ago and his bear was put in the zoo. A statue of Bobo Talabshoh and his bear has been made. You can read more about it here: Муйсафед ва хирс.

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