ҳам: also, too

Ман ҳам бо ӯ суҳбат кардам.
I also talked to him.
Порсол Хуршеда ҳам бо мо сафар кард.
Last year Khursheda also took a trip with us.

Ҳам can be used to form many compound words. One way is to form a noun that is a person who is doing the same thing or is similar to another person in some way. For example:
ҳамкор – co-worker; ҳамватан – fellow citizen; ҳамсинф – fellow class mate; ҳамавлод – relative; ҳамсафар – fellow traveler; ҳамкасб – colleague; ҳамшаҳр – fellow townsman.

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