ҳеч чиз

ҳеч чиз: nothing

Ҳеҷ кас ва ҳеҷ чиз фаромӯш намешавад!
Nobody and nothing will be forgotton!
Наметарасам аз ҳеҷ чиз.
I am scared of nothing.

Tajik is a language that uses double negatives, so when using ҳеҷ чиз you also have to put the negative prefix на on the verb. When translating to English, then, we can translate two ways deciding which word in English will take the negative. So the second sample sentence can be translated “I am scared of nothing” or “I am not scared of anything”.
Forgetting to use the double negative is a common mistake for English speakers who are learning Tajik. Tajiks who are beginning to learn English will also make the same mistake which is why they might say something like, “I am not scared of nothing”.

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