ҳисоб ёфтан

ҳисоб ёфтан: to be considered, to be counted (as)

Дар миёни онҳо баҳс шуд, ки кадоме аз онҳо бояд бузургтар ҳисоб ёбад.
Among them was a dispute about which of them should be considered greater.
Бухоро пойтахти давлати Сомониён ҳисоб меёфт.
Bukhara was considered to be the capital of the Samanid empire.

Synonym: шумурда шудан

ҳисоб: account, count (noun)
ёфтан: to find

ба ҳисоб гирифтан: to consider, to count (as)

There are many Tajik verbs that use the helper verb, ёфтан. Here are a few more examples:
илоҷ ёфтан: to solve, to find a solution
ором ёфтан: to calm down, to find peace
наҷот ёфтан: to be saved, to find salvation
шифо ёфтан: to be healed, to find healing
шӯҳрат ёфтан: to become famous, to find fame

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