ҷашн: celebration

Ҷашни Наврӯзи Тоҷикистон имсол рӯзҳои 21-24 март дар се шаҳр – Душанбе, Панҷакент ва Бохтар таҷлил мешавад.
This year the celebration of Navruz will be honoured (celebrated) from 21-24 March in three towns – Dushanbe, Panjakent and Bokhtar.
Наврӯз яке аз куҳантарин ҷашнҳои оғози соли нав дар ҷаҳон аст.
Navruz is one of the oldest celebrations of the beginning of the new year in the world.

The first sentence comes from Ozodi news website where you can also read about the special symbol of Navruz for 2018 that has been showing up in the Navruz decorations. It is a short, easy to read article.

In the second sentence, куҳантарин is an alternate spelling of куҳнатарин.

ҷашни Истиқлол: celebration of Independence
ҷашни байналмилалӣ: international celebration
ҷашнгоҳ: celebration hall, place of the celebration

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