ҷигар: liver

Ҷигар ба системаи ҳозима дохил мешавад.
The liver is included in the digestive system.
Ҷигари гӯсфанд ё говро хуб тоза карда, калон-калон мебуранд.
The liver of sheep or cow is cleaned well, and cut into big pieces.

In Tajik the third person plural is often used in recipes, as the second sentence shows. If you want to translate it as written it would be “They clean the liver of sheep or cow well, and cut it into big pieces.”

ҷигарӣ, ҷигарранг: liver-coloured; maroon
ҷигарбирён: fried liver

This word is also used as an affectionate term for children or other close family and loved ones, as in “ҷигари ман”, “ҷону ҷигари ман”.

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