ҷудо шудан

ҷудо шудан: to become separated, divided

Шаҳри Берлин ба ду қисм ҷудо шуд.
The city of Berlin was separated into two parts.
Мошини дарздӯзӣ ба се гурӯҳ ҷудо мешавад – дастӣ, пойӣ, барқӣ.
Sewing machines are divided into three groups – hand, foot and electric.

Synonyms: канда шудан, тақсим шудан

ҷудо шудан: to separate, to become separated (passive)
ҷудо кардан: to separate (active)

In Tajik, шудан and кардан are helper verbs that are combined with nouns. Шудан means to become, and is used for passive verbs. Кардан means to do and is used for active verbs.
Ман инро ба ду қисм ҷудо кардам. I separated this into two parts.
Инро ба ду қисм ҷудо шуд. This was separated into two parts.

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