ҷуфт: pair

Ман панҷ ҷуфт барзагов харидаам.
I have bought five pair of oxen.
Гамбуск як ҷуфт чашм, ду ҷуфт бол, се ҷуфт пой дорад.
A beetle has one pair of eyes, two pairs of wings and three pairs of legs.

як ҷуфт кафш: one pair of shoes
як ҷуфт гӯшвора: one pair of earrings

Notice that the noun following the word ҷуфт occurs in the singular form, unlike English where the plural form of the noun is used.

ҷуфт-ҷуфт: by pairs, in pairs, two by two
Вай онҳоро ҷуфт-ҷуфт фиристод. He sent them out in pairs.

як ҷуфт барзагов: one pair of oxen, or two oxen that will be yoked together to plough land.
ҷуфти барзагов: a pair of oxen (alternative way to say it)

Alternate meaning for ҷуфт-
ҷуфт: even

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